How do I issue a refund?


Refunds can be issued by an Administrator via the WePay Merchant Center at any time. 


Before attempting to issue a refund, please note:

⚠️ WePay cannot process refunds exceeding 1 year

⚠️ Once a refund is issued it is a non-reversible transaction

⚠️ Refunds can only be issued back to the payer's same card/bank


  1. Full Refunds (Under 60 Days)
  2. Full Refunds Over 60 Days, Partial Refunds, and Bulk Refund Requests


Full Refunds (Under 60 Days):

WePay Administrators can issue full refunds that are less than 60 days old directly from the WePay Merchant Center by following the steps below:


⚠️ Only account Administrators may issue full refunds for payments under 60 days. Account Moderators will not be able to issue refunds on any payment account.
      1. Log in to 
      2. Click on the payment you wish to refund from the list of payments that appears (If for some reason you do not see your payment listed, you may click on the More Details button located at the top-right of the payments listed.
      3. Once you've located the payment that you wish to refund, you may click on the payment.
      4. On the payment page, click the Issue Refund button at the bottom of the page to issue a full refund
⚠️ Customers/Payers will receive their refunds back to their card-issuing banks within 3-7 business days from the date the refund is issued.


Merchants (Administrators) partnered with may use the article below to issue refunds via their Merchant Interface: 


Full Refunds Over 60 Days, Partial Refunds, and Bulk Refund Requests:

Account Administrators can request that WePay issue a refund for a payment that is over 60 days old, or a partial payment, by reaching out to our support team during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 9:00PM EST): 


Within your outreach, please include the following for each refund requested:

      • Date of the charge
      • Amount of the original charge
      • Amount to be refunded
      • Name of the payer
      • Transaction ID

⚠️ To request refunds in bulk, please include an attached CSV report of all Transaction IDs you're requesting to refund.


⚠️ WePay can only refund payments on behalf of the account Administrator’s request. We cannot refund payments via the request of an account Moderator or any other individual not registered as the current account Administrator. 


**These rules/instructions are true for most platform partners. Depending on the platform partner you've signed up with, instructions/rules may vary in regard to refunding payments. If you have any questions, you may reach out to us here.

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