Where is my money?

Depending on your bank’s processing times, you can generally expect to see a settlement post to your bank within 1-2 business days (same-day for Chase banks), however, there are other factors that may delay your settlement from processing.

Trust & Safety Review

Your settlement may be under a standard 1-2 business day review with our Trust & Safety team. You will receive an outreach only if additional information is required to process your funds, otherwise, you may expect to receive your settlement once Trust & Safety has concluded their review.

You may review more about this via Section 12 - Settlement Schedule of our Terms of Service:

All settlements to Merchants are subject to review for risk and compliance purposes and can be delayed or postponed at WePay's, Platforms, or the Bank's respective sole discretion. 

To Which Bank Will I Receive Settlements?

If you are unsure to which bank you have opted to receive settlements, you may log in to https://wepay.com/login and follow the steps below to view your current settlement method:

      1. Click on "Settings" on the menu on the left-hand side.
      2. Under "Settings", click on the "Settlement Details" tab.

Authorize.net users may log in to https://home.wepay.com and follow the steps below:

      1. Click on "Settings" on the left menu
      2. Scroll down to the Settlement Options section

Additional Questions

If you have any other questions or concerns, you may reach out to support via the link below:



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