Can you cancel the chargeback or reverse it?

Can you cancel the chargeback or reverse it?

Unfortunately, WePay and other payment providers are unable to control or cancel chargebacks. WePay follows the required processes with banks and card networks to resolve chargebacks.


Can I reach out to the cardholder’s bank?

WePay recommends that merchants contact the cardholder - not the cardholder’s bank - to resolve the chargeback.


I have already issued a refund, so why did I still get this chargeback?

Merchants can receive chargebacks up to 120 days after the original transaction occurred. Cardholders tend to reach out to both the merchant and their bank to receive the disputed funds. Sometimes the bank still issues a chargeback - even after you provide a refund - since the bank is not aware of this refund. If this happens, we encourage you to challenge the chargeback and provide evidence about the refund being issued.


Do I always need to supply evidence if I want to contest a chargeback?

In two scenarios, WePay will contest automatically and additional documentation is not needed from merchants. These types are recognition chargebacks and refunds. If either of these scenarios occurs, you will be notified via e-mail, but you will not need to take any action.


How many days do I have to submit my evidence?

From the day that you receive your first chargeback notification, you will have 5 business days to submit your evidence. This window ensures that WePay has sufficient time to represent the evidence to the cardholder’s bank and/or card network within their allocated timeframes. Late submissions of evidence will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and submitted accordingly.


I have submitted all my documents, so when will I know the status of the chargeback? And where can I see my status?

Your merchant portal will provide you with the latest information on your chargeback status. You will receive e-mail notifications regarding your chargeback as well.

Once you receive notification about a chargeback, it will take approximately 20 days for AMEX to resolve the chargeback, and 45 days for all other card networks to resolve. Once Visa initiates its new Visa Claims Resolution initiative in April 2018, we expect a turnaround time of approximately 20-30 days to resolve Visa chargebacks.

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