How do I see the status of my chargeback?

How do I see the status of my chargeback?

You can view the status of your chargeback via e-mail notifications and through your merchant portal. You will receive an initial e-mail notification informing you of the chargeback details. If you decide to contest the chargeback and submit evidence, you will receive a notification once the chargeback is resolved as well.


I would like more information on the chargeback I received.

The most common chargeback types can be found below:


Charge not Recognized by Cardholder

  • This is a very common chargeback type. The cardholder sees the purchase on her bank statement, but does not recognize the transaction.


Charge after Transaction was Canceled

  • The cardholder has canceled the transaction (or the subscription), however her credit card was still charged.


Credit not Processed

  • The customer expected to receive a credit for a reversed or cancelled transaction, but has not yet received the credit from the merchant.


Duplicate Billing

  • The cardholder was charged multiple times for the same product.


Products not Delivered or Defective

  • The product purchased by the cardholder is not delivered, not as described, or defective. Please keep in mind that this chargeback can be initiated for shippable merchandise, labor or services, and digital products. Based on the product type, different types of evidence are required.
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