Multiple WePay payment accounts?

If you are logged into your WePay Merchant Center and are not able to view any recent transactions, you may have multiple WePay payment accounts registered to the same email address.


To view all payment accounts registered to the email address you use to log in to your account, please follow the steps below:

          1. Log in to
          2. Click on the first payment account name you see in the top-right corner of the page.
            Your WePay account number will also be listed below the account name and will display as WP-##########-A.
          3. A drop-down will appear listing any other payment account(s) you are not currently viewing that is registered to the same email address.
          4. Click on the desired payment account to view transaction history, etc. related to that specific account.


If you do not see the desired payment account listed, you may have used an alternative email address to create your account via the platform partner. If you are unsure which email may have been used, you may first reach out to the partner through which you've created your account, then back to us from the alternative email and we will be happy to assist!


You may reach out to WePay Support using the link below (Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 9:00PM EST): 

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