Unrecognized Charge

WePay is the payments processor for a number of different partners. You can read more about WePay here.

If you have recently made a payment via any of our supported merchants or partners, you may see WPY* [MERCHANT NAME] on your bank statement.

To find out more information about an unrecognized charge or charges to your bank, you may use our Charge Lookup Tool.

⚠️ Please enter the exact email address you think may have been used to process your payment. If the email address entered does not match the email we have on file, the Charge Lookup Tool may not populate desired search results.

If no results display via the Charge Lookup Tool, you may reach out to our support team via the link below and we will reply to your request within normal business hours (Mon-Fri, 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM EST):



⚠️ While WePay processes payments for transactions, we do not handle the actual fulfillment, delivery, or cancellation/reimbursement of your purchases. To request a refund, you may reach out to the merchant where your product or service had been previously purchased. If you require contact details for the merchant, you may reach out to our support team using the link above.
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