What is WePay's policy regarding adult content?

WePay is unable to process payments for adult content or services.

This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Pornography—including internet pornography and magazines, books, and film
  • Prostitution and escort services
  • Sexual content in images, video, or language
  • Adult massage or other adult-entertainment services
  • Adult video performers, such as "cam girls" 


What are the guidelines?

While WePay is not allowed to process payments for adult services and content, adult entertainers may raise funds with WePay as long as they follow the following guidelines:

  • No exchange of prohibited goods or services in return for payments (whether stated on a WePay-related page or on another page related to the admin)
  • No explicit photos
  • No link to the WePay-related page from other sites with adult-content
  • The WePay-related page falls within the rest of WePay’s Terms of Service
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