Things to Look Out For

Things to Look Out For

The below items may indicate a potentially fraudulent transaction. We recommend paying close attention to these indicators prior to processing a payment. If you feel that a transaction is fraudulent, we recommend that you do not process the transaction.

Customer Indicators

A suspicious-looking e-mail address, with an outdated domain ( or random numbers and letters

Refusal to speak on the phone regarding any issues, or only supplying a Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) or chat service as phone contact information

Exceptionally poor grammar, typos, or lack of proper English if the customer lives in or is shipping to a location where English is the prominent language

Customer responses at times that would far exceed normal business hours and are not indicative of the location in which they claim to reside (i.e. the customer always replies at 3 AM PST and they claim to live in California)

Transaction Indicators

Rush orders for high value items - or numerous items - with requests to ship immediately using the fastest shipment method available

Orders in which the cardholder is not in the same location as the merchandise delivery (IP /phone/email domain not matching the destination country)

Splitting the payment across multiple cards

Any additional unusual requests in payment methods

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