Does WePay Migrate Credit Cards?

Yes! We will import or export payment information to/from another PCI compliant processor. In order to get the process started, please fill out our import or export form.

WePay’s Migration Process:

WePay conducts migrations with other PCI compliant processors; merchants should never need to handle credit card data, even if it’s encrypted. We are always happy to assist in migrating card data, and guiding you through the process, too. The overarching process of migrating card data between WePay and another processor involves:

  • Compiling standard data points into a secure file
  • Exporting the secure file to an encrypted SFTP server
  • Retrieving the card data and mapping any new credit card token information for you

While this process may vary depending on your relationship to the credit card data (merchant/fundraiser versus a platform), the steps above generally outline the credit card migration process.

Please note that card migrations only pertain to card data and tokens; if you need to transfer recurrence schedules and payment amounts, you will need to work directly with the merchant to obtain and integrate that information.

To start migrating card data, be sure to select the import or export form to fill out. Then we will follow up with the next steps!

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