How do I set up my WePay account?

To update anything about your payment account, you'll go to the account settings. While "My Profile" will have your personal information, Account Settings will let you add/update information about the specific payment account. To get to Account Settings, click the gear icon near the available balance of your payment account. There you'll find tabs on the left side of the page labeled:

  • General
  • Trust Center
  • Access
  • Withdrawals
  • Delete Account


The "General" tab is where you'll update the name, description, and photo associated with the account. To edit the name and description, type in the boxes associated with each and click "Save Changes" when you're done. To change the picture on your account click "Change" then choose the file you would like to upload. Click "Save" when you are done with that. Pictures should be in JPG, GIF, or PNG format and be under 3MB in file size.

Trust Center

The "Trust Center" is where you can fill out Basic Account Verification, connect your Facebook account, and also verify your cell phone number. Everything beyond Basic Account Verification is optional, but it does help mitigate risk and lowers the chance for delayed payments.


If you plan on sharing the account with anyone, you will grant and edit the permissions under the "Access" tab. To add a user to the account, enter his/her email address, choose the level of access you would like to give him/her and click "Grant Access." You can revoke access at anytime by clicking the garbage can icon. The access types available are:

  • Can View: the user can only view the account, including transaction history
  • Can Modify: the user can do everything that the administrator can except for moving money.


Under the "Withdrawal" tab, you can turn auto-withdraw on or off.  Simply click the button to enable or disable autowithdrawals.


If you wish to delete your payment account and all tools created under that account, you'll head to this tab. You will not be able to delete your account if you have any transactions pending to your account or if there are funds available or in reserve on any of your payment accounts. Deleting the account will wipe out all information regarding your account so make sure you have everything you need from WePay before doing so. When you are ready, click the red "Delete" button.  Deleting here will not delete your entire WePay profile.

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