Where do I update my personal information?

"My Profile" is where you will input anything about your profile on WePay. To get to "My Profile" click on your name in the blue bar at the top right of the screen. From there, click "My Profile." Once there, you'll be able to edit:

  • Email Address
  • Password
  • 2-step Verification
  • Contact Information
  • Notifications
  • Credit Cards
  • Bank Accounts
  • Applications
  • Recurring Payments
  • Delete

Email Address

Under the Email Address tab, you'll be able to edit any email address you have added to your WePay account.  Here, you can also delete email addresses by clicking the garbage can icon next to the appropriate one.  Clicking the blue "Make Primary" link next to the email address will make that one the primary email address through which WePay will communicate with you.  This link will only be found next to confirmed email addresses.  To add an email address to your WePay account, enter it in the blank box and click "Add".  You will be able to login to your WePay account with any of the email addresses on file.



Under this tab in My Profile, you'll be able to change your password.  To change your password, enter your old password and choose a new one.  The new password must be at least 6 characters and include both numbers and letters.  To save it, click "Update Password."  Once you update your new password, you will use that going forward to login to your WePay account.


2-step Verification

With Two Step Verification, you protect your account with two layers of security: your password (something you know) and your phone (something you have). Every time you login from a new computer or device, we will ask you to enter both your password and a specially generated code that will be sent to you via SMS text message or generated on your mobile phone. You can also choose to to have WePay remember the new computer, which will not require entering a code the next time you login from that computer.


Contact Information

If WePay needs to contact you regarding your account, we will use this information to do so.  You can delete any address in your account by clicking the garbage can icon next to the appropriate one.  Click "Make Primary" to update the primary address on your account.  You can add new information by entering it and clicking "Add."  Make sure the information entered here is up-to-date, as it is used to communicate with you, for verification purposes and as your billing address when making payments.



WePay will email you periodically about your account.  Under the "Notifications" tab, you can manage which types of these emails you receive.  To stop receiving any type of notification, uncheck the box next to the name of the notification.  You can turn off all notifications except System Messages.  System messages include things like password reset emails and email confirmation emails.  It is also recommended that you receive Account Notifications as these include things like payment confirmations, chargeback notifications and dispute notifications.


Credit Cards

Under the "Credit Card" tab you can delete any credit cards associated with your account that you will no longer be using.  To delete a card, click the garbage can icon next to the card you wish to remove.

Credit cards will only be added to your account when you make a payment.  Every time you make a payment using a credit card while you are logged in, it will be saved as a preferred payment method for the future.


Bank Accounts

This tab will allow you to view a bank account from your WePay profile. To delete a bank account, click the garbage can icon next to the account you would like to remove. Click the "Make Primary" link to change the primary bank account on your profile. You can only make a confirmed bank account primary. You may only add a bank account when you create a withdrawal.



The applications tab gives you an overview of all applications you have created an account with.  If you created your account through any of our API partners, you will see them show up here.  If you do not want to allow that partner access to your account anymore, click the "Revoke Access" button.  You will not be able to collect funds through the API partner site if you choose to revoke access.


Recurring Payments

If you have set up a recurring payment through WePay and wish to edit that payment or delete any future recurrences, you'll do that under the "Recurring Payments" tab.  



If you wish to delete your WePay profile and all accounts and tools created under that login, you'll head to this tab.  You will not be able to delete your account if you have an transactions pending to your account or if there are funds available or in reserve on any of your payment accounts.  Deleting the account will wipe out all information regarding your account, so make sure you have everything you need from WePay before doing so.  When you are ready, click the red "Delete" button.

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