What are the checkout object states?


The “checkout” object has the following states, and the following possible state transitions. You can receive callback notifications when the checkout changes state via IPNs.


new - the checkout was created by the application and it is ready for payment information, but the payer has not yet submitted their information. This will expire after 30 minutes which could come about if the payer abandons the payment flow.

authorized - we’ve charged the payer’s card, but the transaction has entered into a manual review process by our Risk Management team. This process generally takes 1-2 business days, and funds will be released to the merchant once it is finished.

captured - the payment has been credited to the merchant’s WePay account.

refunded - the payment has been refunded, and all fees (including WePay’s fee) have been reversed.

charged back - the payer has disputed the charge and their credit card issuer has reversed the payment.

failed - the payment failed to process.  This can happen if the payer’s credit card is declined.

expired - the checkout was abandoned before the payer authorized the charge.

cancelled - a payment was reversed before the funds were deposited into the merchant’s account. A payment can only be cancelled while it’s an “authorized” or “reserved” state, otherwise it must be refunded.  Cancel calls are made from your application.

reserved - The application has temporarily restricted the merchant’s access to the funds due to a delayed payout.


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