How do I issue a full or partial refund?

Yes! Use our /checkout/refund endpoint to issue full and partial refunds on behalf of your users.

Full Refunds

To issue a full refund via the API, you simply need to make a /checkout/refund call and pass in the checkout_id and refund_reason.

Alternatively, you can issue refunds on behalf of your users by logging in to your WePay Partner Dashboard, navigating to the Data tab, and selecting the Checkouts drop down. From there you can find the relevant transaction, click on it, and use the blue Refund button.


Partial Refunds

You can issue a partial refund by making a /checkout/refund call and passing in the optional amount and app_fee parameters. The amount specifies the total amount refunded to the payer, and the app_fee specifies the portion of the amount that will be refunded by the application.

For example, if the amount is 100,00 and app_fee is 10.00, then the payer will receive a refund of 100.00, where 90.00 is the net refund from the payment account, and 10.00 is the app_fee refund. Note that this value must be less than the remaining balance of the app fee.

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