How do I challenge a chargeback?

When a chargeback is issued, WePay will send out an email notifying the Merchant of the dispute.


Merchants can challenge a chargeback by clicking on the blue “Challenge” button in their email notification. WePay will prompt Merchants to provide information about the payment and upload documentation proving they provided the good or service. Only information submitted with this form will be used in the chargeback challenge, so WePay recommends that Merchants submit as much pertinent information as possible.


Suggested documents include:

  • Contact records

  • Refund policies as agreed to by the payer

  • Tracking numbers providing receipt of goods

  • Communication from the payer acknowledging receipt of goods/services


Once submitted, WePay will look over the information to determine if we will attempt to fight the cardholder’s bank on their behalf. We will only fight the chargeback if we feel the information provided is sufficient to win the chargeback. WePay can only contest a chargeback within three days of receiving the dispute, so it is important that Merchants submit information quickly.

Sometimes payers issue chargebacks mistakenly.  If, for example, a chargeback is issued due to the payer not recognizing the charge, and the payer later realizes their error, WePay can still fight the chargeback.  However, we recommend that the Merchant have the payer reach out to their issuing bank to cancel the dispute on their end. This will often resolve the process much faster and get the funds released back to the Merchant as quickly as possible.

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