Why can't I refund an authorized payment?

An "authorized" checkout state means that WePay has successfully collected the payment from the payer, but the funds are not yet available to the merchant. This could be due to ACH payment processing time, reviews from our Trust and Safety team, or delayed payout features.

For payments in review, the state will read as "authorized" until the review process is complete, which is generally completed in 24 hours but can take up to 3 business days. Once our Trust and Safety team clears the payment, it can move to a “captured” or “released” state, depending on the API Version you are operating on. At this point, funds will become available to the merchant and a refund can be issued against that payment without risk of a negative balance due to a failure to process the payment.

As an alternative, please use the /checkout/cancel endpoint to return “authorized” or “captured” (Version 2016-07-13 and later) payments to the payer.


A Note On Nomenclature

Prior to API Version 2016-07-13, payments would move from “authorized” to “released” to “captured.” API Version 2016-07-13 and later renamed these states, so the transition flow now reads “authorized” to “captured” to “released.” For more information, please see our Change Log for Version 2016-07-13. For more information on the middle state (“released” for Versions prior to 2016-07-13, “captured” for Versions 2016-07-13 and later), please see our delayed payout article.

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