Moving from Stage to Production

Once you've concluded testing in the Stage environment, it would be time to migrate to the Production environment to begin processing transactions. Below is a list of commonly completed tasks to consider before continuing:

  • Before continuing, if you’re using a custom form for checkout, we would recommend that you review any necessary PCI Compliance requirements. If you are using embedded checkout, all PCI compliancy is taken care of by WePay!
  • If you have not already, create an app account in production.
  • From your application account, migrate all of your settings from your stage app account to your production app account—this includes zip, tokenization information, colors, and logo image.
  • Add your Basic Account Verification information in the application account’s Trust Center. This is found by clicking the gear of the sub account where the application is nested. Adding this will help facilitate your withdrawals after you have begun collecting funds.
  • At this point, if you are planning on tokenizing credit card information, you should apply for tokenization in your production dashboard. This is found in the app settings, below the “API Keys” section.
  • If you have had the API Support Team make administrative adjustments to your stage app, inform them of your production application so that the changes can be made on the production app. Provide your stage and production client IDs and request that all settings from stage be migrated to production
  • Perform a final check on your app fee settings—the per-transaction fee that you will collect.
  • Perform a final check on your scope settings (as to what you will allow your users access to), either in OAuth2 or with the /user/register call. 
  • Switch the endpoints of your application from the stage values to the production values. More information for this can be found in our documentation on Endpoints.
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